Hello friends! 

It's been a minute since I've been creating and selling art. Since 2019, I took a little detour and returned to illustration. I became a pattern maker for an apparel company. Click here to see a dress. I didn't make the patterns. I illustrated the prints that went onto the fabric for their line and for custom projects (lots of golf events!). After swerving around a few learning curves, I was ready to step and repeat like a pro and made lots of fun, fashionable items. It was the perfect fill-in since shows and events were slow or recovering. But even with the work, I wasn't as busy as I had been. I had time on my hands and started walking a lot, even started getting out on my bike. I also became a big fan of Farmer's Markets, basically anything to be active and outside. 

One day, I got this in my head, just from going on a walk. My friend, Wendy Maguire, who has a podcast, was usually walking with me. She was starting her own journey starting her show. We are always sharing ideas and stories and encouraging each other. Sometimes we'd walk in Serenbe and sometimes in Newnan. In Newnan, there is a wonderful trail called the Linc. It inspired me to create some souvenirs to share the journey. Newnan, GA, and Beach Patrol are the for this "scenic series." I have lots more in the works! I've always loved stickers and posters and it's fun to create them and exciting to share them. We have lots of tourists come through, and it is also a nice local touch to display in a home or office. I hope you enjoy the new creations. Posters, stickers, mugs and totes are now available here. 

Happy shopping and thanks for stopping by!  - J